Reasons Why You Should Consider Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Missing a tooth or teeth from your mouth is pretty embarrassing, but with a dental visit, you have options. Among them, dental implants are the most preferred by patients who care about their smiles. Whether you are missing a single tooth or all of your teeth, implants offer a winning solution. Although dentures and partial dentures are available, implants are far more beneficial. What are some of the reasons to consider dental implants to replace missing teeth?


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When you are missing a tooth, it can affect the way that you talk and interact with other people. Even with a denture, you may not feel confident about your appearance. In that case, you can improve things with dental implants. They look and feel more like natural teeth so you can smile with comfort.


Partial dentures and complete dentures are oftentimes uncomfortable and make it difficult to eat certain foods. That worry is over when you opt to use dental implants instead. Not only do they look more like natural teeth, they also feel more like natural teeth, bringing comfort that you will appreciate.


Does the idea of getting new dentures every eight years sound appealing? Didn’t think so. Dentures average eight years lifetime but sometimes need to be replaced well before this time. Choose dental implants and you can expect up to 20 years or more lasting lifetime. Dental implants are designed to make you smile for a long time.

Final Word

There are ample reasons to consider using the best dental implants in Durham to replace a missing tooth or teeth, including those outlined above. Do not accept an appearance that doesn’t suit you when dental implants can change life in a positive way.